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2 must-implement strategies for Customer Acquisition in 2023

Do you own a business or planning to start one in 2023? That’s great. Your business must adopt B2B model to scale the revenue model in FY 2023-24.

Ever wondered what it takes to create a successful B2B marketing strategy? It is all about knowing your target audience, personalizing your interactions, and reaching out to them across multiple touchpoints. 

Below are the two strategies you MUST try out to compete with your peers and mobilize your business cycle against changing market constraints.

Real-Time Personalization to Your Website

Introducing website personalization is another excellent B2B marketing strategy for start-ups. While email and content personalization have been in the game for a long, website personalization involves creating a tailored experience for all your website visitors. 

Which means rather than relying on a general web interface for everyone, your website can create display customized web pages based on the user’s profile. For instance, customized CTAs with welcome offers for new customers, upselling to the existing ones or customizing the home page with industry-specific use cases or relevant metrics. 

You can use valuable user data such as location, IP address, past online behavior, demographics, and more to fuel your personalization efforts.

Create an SEO Keyword Funnel

Thanks to the increasing information online, your target audience is most likely to go from having no awareness to researching potential solutions all on their own. But that makes it even more important to make your presence known through organic content that ranks.

And how can you do that? Optimize your content strategy by using an SEO keyword funnel for different stages of the buyer journey. A typical keyword funnel would look like this-

  • Top-of-funnel keywords- These target the pain points of the target buyer and help them perform their job more efficiently, like how to guides
  • Middle-of-funnel keywords- As buyers learn more about the different solutions, you can use strategy-focused and comparison keywords
  • Bottom-of-funnel keywords- Targeted keywords optimized to earn conversions and focus on what the buyer knows.

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