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One of the best ways to start a new business is by capitalizing on a franchise opportunity. Not only our franchise opportunities come with premade marketing collateral and high brand awareness, but you get extensive business support from us.

Become a NXTidea Franchise (NBF)

  • Looking for a new start? Start building your future today.
  • Franchise Opportunity! Be an NXTidean Franchise. to end your career search. Join us today.
  • You get the Independence of a small business ownership supported by benefits of a big business network. An assured passive income you can rely upon.
  • Exclusive training, proven management, latest technology, promotional content, free HR tools that make you more different than us; and with a more stronger presence in business ecosystem.
  • Become your own boss without taking risk that comes from starting from the scratch.
  • Be a part of one of the growing business promoters and customer service providers.
  • Don’t want to stay tethered to your desk, manage endless calls and travel extensively facing new challenges. we heard your ‘No”. Our customized Franchise model lets your experience find new dimensions and your expertise a fresh knowledge base.
  • And ours work model lets you maintain a perfect work-life balance. extensive training seasons. , latest business platform, experienced team, and multiple income opportunities that takes your financial goals to next level and self-branding a facelift.


A symbiotic Business Setup Platform for SMEs

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How to Become a Franchise?

Become your own boss without taking risk that comes from starting from the scratch


A 10 mins online registration procedure


Documentation and Agreement

Get Revenue

Execution and Earning





Rewarding Career

A competitive streak that comes with highest financial rewards. sustain career with researched strategies and multiple self-branding opportunities.


Dedicated Support

A dashboard with the latest technology, high-end business training, resource support, and unmatched experience that spots you career amidst the competitive crowd.


Work-Life Balance

A work schedule that includes your personal liabilities. Includes customer retention benefits, largest niche domain and 24 x 7 service support which makes your profession a passion.

Searching for an Franchisee scope with highest earning potential?

Build a professional business career as a NXTidea Franchise. But how do you start?

Just register with us… and relax.

NXTidea is a new business growth platform build on latest technology and unmatched B2B features. Our process model integrates customer satisfaction with entrepreneur objectives. We provide wide range of business services from customer creation to growth metrics planning. And we do this all through our agency partners.

Business Listings | Brand Building | Bookings | Booking Portal | Resource Support | Sustainable Solutions | Local Vendors Tie-ups | Event Tickets Pass Booking | Corporate Connections

And much more list continues….

Picture yourself in isolation to ladder up without investments

No targets. Our happy closures through proven ideas and multi-sectional process.

You can discover your experience and expertise across 50+ business sectors.

You can explore your favorite niche and provide unmatched services.

We assure you a promising trajectory to discover the real you. Ask us for joining queries or further information.

Be A Franchise

A door way to success! Know more about the benefits of becoming a Franchise.

Be Trained: Professional training for upskilling the knowledge base.

Be Professional: Analyzed business models and work metrics for channelized career growth

Be Planned: Commission will be release on 15th of every upcoming month.

Be Organized: Renewal will be every year.

Be Assisted: Business Manager will be appointed as one-point contact.

Start a career to make a difference.

Joining Eligibility

Anyone aged above 18 years with a good legal background. Registered business organizations can also apply.

Your Receivables

Involvement CategoryIncentive / Commission %Performance Bonus
Listing ModulesFlatAvailable
Premium Services20%Available
Other Modules35%Available
You may be Curious About
Why choose franchising as a business opportunity?

Owning a franchise offers support and direction that starting your own business does not. You are investing in a company that already has a researched client base and analyzed metrics to immediately work upon. With an established brand, the risk factors are always low.

Can I assume my franchise with NXTIdea as my career?

Obviously yes. It’s a full time business engagement with growing income. The client base is so high and dense, it takes years to complete a cycle.

How much time it takes to complete the registration process?

Its only 5 minutes, the time taken to complete and submit the online form. Subsequently our team will proceed to legal procedures.

Price Plans
What’s the initial franchise setup cost or the deposit amount?

There is an initial security deposit of INR 5000(Five thousand Only) which is to be paid by the interested franchise before legal procedures.

How can I pay this security deposit?

We do have multiple online channels including net-banking, UPI transactions, Card payments etc

Is the security deposit refundable?

Yes. As per our business model, this security deposit will be refunded when the franchise crosses business transactions worth INR 2 Lakhs.

Do I have to bear the ground expenses?

Yes. The franchise has to adjust his ground expenses from the commission amounts mentioned above.

How early will I get my commission amounts?

As per our business revenue model, we will be rolling out franchise commissions on weekly basis.

What will be the duration of the franchise agreement?

By default the franchise agreement, made at the local court, will be for a duration of 11 months which can be extended on mutual concerns.

What will be get after completion of legal joining procedure?

After the court agreement, we will be providing you complete training, necessary merchandise, soft copies of all formats to run the business process, graphic designs, business toolkits etc

Will I get any support for my staff?

There will be no financial support for your staff relating to appointments, section, tours, marketing etc. It’s your sole responsibility to setup and run the franchise business. Training and resource support can be extended to your staff including training workshops and survey meetings.

Can I terminate my franchise agreement?

Any time after 3 months of registration. You have to go through legal documents to terminate the agreement terms.

What will be my responsibilities as a NXTIdea Franchise?

The responsibilities shall be provided explicitly in your welcome mail. The same shall also be counselled by our System Admin.

How much liquid capital will I need to maintain to cover the franchise until it breaks even?

Aside from the initial refundable security deposit, you need operating capital for the first few months to make your presence visible and till you create awareness among your niche.

Does NXTIdea brand provide me any goodwill support?

While the present market has become highly competitive and saturated in most of the fronts, NXTIdea is highly innovative and latest technology solution provider. The services provided and the pricing associated with it are highly affordable even for businesses at micro levels. This will boost your goodwill in all respects among the business community.

What support do you provide besides the initial training and software tools?

NXTIdea’s franchise model includes ongoing support which includes inclusion of latest technology, upskilling on digital technology, increase in sales commission, special performance benefits, continuous guidance, free participation in research workshops, updated documentation support, creation of new revenue generating opportunities and much more.

Are there any added benefits for NXTIdea franchise?

Yes. A NXTIdea franchise can get free social projects and parallel income points for a higher level of financial independence.

Whom to contact in cases of support requests?

We have a dedicated team to support our franchisees and associates. All your queries will be resolved within 48 hours. You can directly mail to system admin at

You can ask us for more details or register online or stay convinced for missing a life-changing opportunity.

Why outsource your potential to someone when you can draw your own growth.

Send us your queries to Why join or click here to message your needs.

We shall be happy boarding you with all probable solutions.

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