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HR Documents KIT (Bundle Pack)


  • This bundle will save you 100s of hours and pain of planning, designing, and writing your HR documents from scratch.
  • Choose from 100s of templates and pick the one that suits your need, fill in the blanks and you are done.
  • Professionally designed to be PRINT READY.
  • To meet the needs of all of our global clients, the HR Document Bundle Includes 1000+ Offer letters, job descriptions, hiring kit, & employee policies.
  • Save countless hours of documentation with this professional bundle.
  • Regularly update with fresh HR standards and contents.
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Hiring and Recruitment Module

 Offer Letter Salary Structure.docx

 Internal Job Posting Email.docx

 Job Application Rejection Email Template.docx

 Internal Promotion Offer Email.docx

 Job Offer Letter With Complete Terms and Conditions.docx

 Interview Telephonic Round.docx

 Email for Job Inquiry Template.docx

 Job Offer Letter by HR.docx

 Interview Scheduling of the Next Round.docx

 Job Application Acknowledgement Email Template.docx

 Application Rejection Letter.docx

 New Employees Welcome E-mail.docx

 Interview Questionnaire Form.docx

 Interview Assignment Example.docx

 Interview Call Letter Email Template.docx

 Part-Time to Full Time Conversion.docx

 Inquiry for Freelancer Opportunity Email Template.docx

 Software Developer Job Offer.docx

 Rejection After Interview Email.docx

 Candidate No Show Letter Template .docx

 Employment Bond Terms and Conditions.docx

 Reschedule Interview With Candidates Email.docx

 Application Acknowledgement Email.docx

 Job Inquiry Letter Template.docx

 Post Probation Period Confirmation.docx

 Contract Employee Offer Letter.docx

 Interview Reminder Email Template.docx

 Employee Referral Bonus Program Announcement.docx

 Interview Confirmation Email Template.docx

 Employee of the Month Letter.docx

 Internship Offer Letter.docx

 Project Meeting Roadmap.ppt

 HR Department Swot Analysis.ppt

 HR Strategy Roadmap.ppt

 Risk Management.ppt

 Management Operation Model.ppt

 Company Roadmap Infographics.ppt

 Resignation Process Roadmap.png

 New Hire Orientation Roadmap.ppt

 Hiring Strategy and Plan.ppt

 Project Management Planning SCRUM.ppt

 Department Composition Analysis.ppt

 Appointment Job Offer Letter.docx

 Internal Promotion Offer Email.docx

 New Hire Checklist.docx

 Step By Step Hiring Process Checklist .docx

 Employment Bond Terms and Conditions.docx

 New Hire Welcome E-mail.docx

 Providing Work from Home Resources.docx

 Employee Background Check Form.docx

 Post Probation Period Confirmation.docx

 Contract Employee Offer Letter.docx

 Work from Home Email Template copy.docx

 Covid 19 Safety Notice.docx

 Internship Offer Letter.docx

 Bonus and Incentive Programs.docx

 Professional Salary Slip Template.docx

 Internal Promotion Offer Email.docx

 Employee of the Month Plan.docx

 Resources for Work from Home.docx

 Salary Structure Template.docx

 Incentive Compensation Plan BluePrint.doc

 Festival Bonus Letter To Employee.docx

 Employee Appreciation Letter.docx

 Annual Performance Bonus Letter To Employee.docx

¬†Salary Slip Template ‚Äď Aqua Theme.docx

 NOC for Employee Transfer.docx

 Upcoming Meeting Notice.docx

 Conflict of Interest Policy.docx

 Sexual harassment policy.docx

 Company Vehicle Policy.docx

 Freelancer or Contractor Policy.docx

 Safety Protocol and Guidelines Covid 19.docx

 Workplace health and safety policy.docx

 Company Property Policy.docx

 2 Weeks Resignation Notice.docx

 Employee of the Month Policy.docx

 NOC For Internship Program.docx

 Training Program No Objection Certificate.docx

 Zero Tolerance Violence at Workplace Policy.docx

 Employee Layoff Due Covid 19 Crisis Email.docx

 Reschedule of Meeting Notice.docx

 Employee Referral and Bonus Policy.docx

 NOC For Part Time Job.docx

 Employee Warning Notice.docx

 Save policy.docx

 Employee Appreciation Letter.docx

 Employee Reimbursement Policy.docx

 Employee Leave Policy.docx

 Attendance and Punctuality Guidelines.docx

¬†Final Warning Notice for Attendance Issues ‚Äď Letter.docx

 Work from Home Policy.docx

 NOC For Pursuing Higher Education.docx

 Employees Provident Fund (EPF).docx

 The Industrial Dispute Act 1947.pdf

 The Payment of Wages Act 1936.pdf

 Child Labour Act 1986.pdf

 Minimum Wages Act 1948.docx

 Factories Act of 1948.pdf

 Trade Union Act 1926.pdf

Performance Evaluation Form.docx

 Workplace Evaluation Surveys.docx

 Employee Referral and Bonus Program.docx

 Company Safety Culture Survey Form.docx

 Employee Exit Interview Survey.docx

 New Employee Orientation Survey.docx

 Employee of the Month Policy.docx

 Employee Evaluation Form.docx

 Team Building and Ice Breaker Activities.docx

 Employee Appreciation Letter.docx

 Employee Motivation Survey.docx

 Employee Background Check Form.docx

 Employee Engagement Planning.ppt

 Employee Yearly

 Employee Exit Interview Survey.docx

 Resignation Process Complete Organization Chart.png

 Relieving and Clearance Letter.docx

 Employee Departure Checklist.docx

 Resignation Acceptance Letter.docx

 Employee No Objection Certificate.docx

 NOC to Work in Another Organization.docx

 Experience Letter with Praise.docx

 Branch Manager Job Description.docx

 Marketing Executive Job Desciption.docx

 Graphics Designer Job Description.docx

 Lead Graphics Designer Job Description.docx

 Job Description Template Guide.pdf

 Corporate Blank Job Description Template With Logo.docx

 Technical Content Writer.docx

 Marketing Manager Job Description.docx

 Waiter Job Description.docx

 AI and ML Engineer Job Description.docx

 Job Description Planning Template.pdf

 Software Developer Job Description.docx

 Medical Representative JD.docx

 Digital Marketer Job Description.docx

 Business Development Executive Job Description.docx

 Full-time Content Writing Job Description.docx

 Hindi Marketing Graphics Designer.docx

 Web Developer Job Description.docx

 Teacher Job Description.docx

 Telecaller Job Description.docx

 Front End Developer Job Description.docx

 Android Developer Job Description.docx

 HR and Talent Aquisition JD.docx

 UI UX Graphics Designer.docx

 Accountant Job Description.docx

 Legal Assistant JD.docx

 Technician and Servicemen Job Desctription.docx

 Graphics Designer and Video Editor Job Description.docx

 Logistics Manager Job Desciption.docx

 Data Scientist Job Descriptions.docx

 Marketing Manager Job Description copy.docx

 Office Assitance Job Description.docx

 Customer Care Representative Job Description.docx

 Certificate of Appreciation and Dedication.png
 Certificate for Internship Completion.png
 Certificate for Participation.png
 Corporate Editable Certificate Templates.docx
 Certificate of Appreciation.png
 Certificate for Training or Course Completion.png
 Certificate of Membership.png
 Summer Internship Program Certificate.png
 Certificate of Best Employee of the Month.png
 Certificate for Attendance.png
 Certificate of Achievement.png

 Diversity training.docx

 Leadership Training.docx

 Diversity In Workplace Training Presentation.pptx

 Time Management Traning.docx

 Training Survey Form.docx

 Effective business communication.docx

 Teamwork & Coordination Training.docx

 Project Management Fundamentals Presentation.pptx

 Information Security Training Presentation.pptx

 Salesman Skill Basic Training.docx

 Employees Provident Fund (EPF).docx

 The Industrial Dispute Act 1947.pdf

 The Payment of Wages Act 1936.pdf

 Child Labour Act 1986.pdf

 Minimum Wages Act 1948.docx

 Factories Act of 1948.pdf

 Trade Union Act 1926.pdf


 Letter To Client For Making Prompt Payment.docx

 Letter To Landlord To Lower Rent Template..docx

 Notice Of Salary Reduction.docx

 Letter To Landlord For Waiver Of Rent.docx

 Notice Of Pay Reduction To All Employees.docx

 Letter To Employee To En-cash Paid Leave.docx

 Notification Of Corona Virus.pdf

 Letter To Client For Delay In Delivery Of Product Due To Covid-19.docx

 Home Working Agreement.docx

 Letter To Vendor To Cancel Order.docx

 Home Working Application Form.docx

 Letter To Client Informing Delay In Service Due To Covid-19.docx

¬†Homeworking ‚Äď Guidelines For Employees.docx

 Layoff Letter To Employee .docx

 Translated Copy Of Notification.pdf

 Letter email For Extension Of Time To Pay Rent.docx

 Notice Of Termination.docx

 Letter To Vendor For Extension In Time To Make Payment.docx

 Notice To Client For Not Making Payment.docx

 Notice To Landlord For Intent To Vacate Office.docx

 Letter To Vendor Asking For Discount.docx

 EPF Notification Covid-19- Pandemic.pdf

 Puzzle and Analytics Question With Solutions.docx

 Leadership Quality Evaluation Questions.docx

 Resume Related and Last Job Experience Questions.docx

 Engineering Mindset Evaluation Questions with Guide 2021.docx

 Brain Teasers and Logic Questions.docx

 Questions Related to the Current Job.docx

 +30 Personality Evaluation Questions with Guide.docx

 Past Experiences and Demonstration of Skills Questions.docx

 IT and Computer Science Basic Questions.docx

2022 HR Calendar and Planner

 Daily Goals and Schedule.png

 Weekly Schedule Planner.png

 Yearly Priority Task Planner .png

 Event Calendar 2022 .png

 Monthly Events Planner.png

 2022 Artistic Calendar & Planner.pdf

 Productivity Memo Planner.png

 +10 Workplace Printable Covid 19 Guidelines.pdf

 +10 Motivational Posters High-Quality Quotes.pdf


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