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A QR for Every School

Are you a school owner who feels digital transformation is but optional criteria for school management? Maybe you don’t. After surveying more than 100+ schools, NXTIdea found that digitized schools had happier students and satisfied parents.

No matter how much we hope society can return to the “pre-pandemic normal”, the reality of a post-pandemic world is here to stay for long, really long. Henceforth, every brand – including school institutions – must adapt to our permanently digitalized society.

In other words, today’s parents expect to find every school easily online. Otherwise, if a school is not readily found through a Google search, they run the risk of being completely invisible to its target market. You can make your school more searchable, visible, and scalable with a free QR from #NXTIdea

Between the dozens of mandatory lockdowns, schools quickly turned to online learning, and everyone, including education companies, teachers, students, and parents, had to spend most of their time online. Even our parents had to get comfortable with sourcing everything online! This made the digital promotion of a school mandatory!

#NXTIdea platform connects these digital needs of a school to the expectations of the parents.

To satisfy the digital demands of today’s families, your school’s marketing ideas must be changed, redesigned, or perhaps cancelled entirely. Instead, educational institutions can use digital marketing to disseminate information, advertise themselves, solve problems, and reach previously unavailable audiences. And, digital marketing is less expensive than traditional marketing!

How Can Digital Promotion Solutions from NXTIdea Improve Your School’s value?

In recent years, every market has changed dramatically, becoming more competitive and brutal. Digital marketing, like every other trending sector, has become a necessity for today’s schools and institutions to improve market standing and reach their desired target audience effectively.

Even if people are perusing the web without looking for schools, efficient digital marketing will ensure that users remember the advertised institution for future decisions or conversations. In addition, schools must have effective and “top of the search results” digital marketing to attract students attention and impact parent intent.

Most schools build a website with digital marketing in mind, yet a website alone is insufficient. Instead, an end-to-end digital marketing strategy and customized promotional solutions is multifaceted, utilized to advertise online, reach its target audience, present a positive brand image, demonstrate its value in the market and surpass its competitors.

A survey by #NXTIdea concluded that most of the websites maintained by schools are hardly updated and maintained by a dedicated team. Schools can leverage their digital promotional needs to NXTIdea to compete with their global peers and elevate the goodwill into new possible markets. Schools can register themselves FREE at

However, this is only achievable if schools use effective and powerful digital marketing and promotions to communicate their characteristics and qualities to the correct audience. An excellent website combined with an effective digital marketing plan may assist schools in showcasing their unique traits and best aspects to their target audience, focusing on improving admissions and campus culture.

#NXTIdea provides a free QR code to all registered schools w.e.f Jan’2023 to empower them with the following FREE facilities:

  • Dynamic listing & QR to make the school name searchable across search directories
  • Fully functional dashboard to track ratings and reviews given by parents
  • Fully functional CRM built on latest cloud technology
  • Photo gallery, parent query form, event management and much more
  • 24×7 online promotional support by a dedicated team

Get your QR today and start sharing it on social media to enhance your credibility. For more queries and information about your QR, you can mail to

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